01 June 2017

Interior: Headset hangars fabricated and installed.

Lots of folks install headset hangers in the plane.  I've seen them placed at the apex of the roll over structure and below the panel at knee-level.  I like the latter in favor of avoiding the sun.  One aspect that was important to me was to ensure that the hanger's shape conforms to that of the headset.  My thinking was that it would help preserve the headset's padding.  

So here's what I came up with.  The bracket is 0.035" aluminum.  The curved piece is the really soft 1/8" piano hinge bent to conform to a headset.  Of course it's painted red to match my interior accenting.  All rivets were LP4-3s.

Left and right hangers in place. I riveted them to the flange of the F-01402-L/R Side Frame pieces because I didn't want to risk compromising the strength of the F-01413-L/R stiffeners.  Plus, using the vertical stiffener rather than the horizontal lets me perch the hangers higher.

Headset in its home.

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