04 January 2013

Fun Stuff: A motivational poster.

I put together this 24"x18" poster using images from Van's.  It hangs in my office so I can be reminded of what all the parts are supposed to unite into.  Update 3-Jun-13: I had another one made for the shop too.  Might as well be motivated where it really counts also!

01 January 2013

Setup: N-number reserved.

Turns out all the good ones are taken, of course.  I snagged one that I like well enough, but I'll keep looking, hoping that the plane with the one I want gets de-registered at some point.  To that end, I wrote a script that checks the FAA website every day and shows me the status of the N-numbers I'm interested in.

Update 24-Apr-17:  Funny thing:  Over 4.5 years, I dutifully watched the available N-numbers list and managed to reserve around 10 numbers.  But, a week before I finally sent it for my registration the perfect number became available and it was a number I hadn't considered until today.