26 February 2013

Shop: Workshop prep.

Set up the band saw and obtained lumber for EAA Chapter 1000 Workbenches.  I had Lowe's cut the plywood to size.  It will be so nice to have some work surfaces.  This is hard on the knees and back.

24 February 2013

Wings: Builder number and wing kit ship date.

Got my wing kit order verification papers today.  My builder number is 140059.  The ship week for the wings is slated for 8-Apr-13.  Some logistics need to be planned to get the two giant crates off the truck and into the house.  Van's shows the crates to have the following characteristics:
  • 141"x12"x12", 181 pounds
  • 96"x32"x12", 220 pounds
That'll be a good time.

23 February 2013

Shop: Computer setup.

Naturally, I need a new computer for the build.  I put together a fairly cheap system that should have enough juice to get through a few years of my needs:

Many thanks to Ed and his incredible RV-10 website for saving me time on finding good time lapse software:  booru WeCame 2.0.  You can read about his setup here.  I've found that Movie Maker chokes when using more than 300 images.  So each day is assembled as a series of movies, stitched back together with Avidemux.  This lets me avoid running the videos through the compressor again with all of the associated loss artifacts.

The two hard drives will be more than adequate for my space needs.  The 640 GB drive is merely to serve as a location to make occasional system images of the primary 500 GB drive.  Every month or so I'll copy the image to another isolated location so I can minimize how much data I'd lose if bad things happen.

I created a spreadsheet (using OpenOffice) to work through how much space my time lapse video would require.  If I assume 1,250 hours of building (probably too low), at one image every 10 seconds, that's 450k images.  The typical image size is 390 kB at the compression I've set.  This gives 171.39 GB of images.  With a frame rate of 0.03 s/frame (lowest Microsoft Movie Maker will go), that leads to a 3.75 hour movie.

Total computer cost:  $531.31

Update 7-Jan-18:  This computer served its purpose well.  It has been re-purposed and now is in the employ of my mother, allowing her to surf to the web comfortably.

Update 17-Feb-18:  The time lapse video of the build which I made for myself (not publicly shared) is composed of exactly 468,829 files occupying 223 GB of disk space and 576 folders (each folder represents the files from one day of work).  That captured 1,953 hours of the the 2,196 hours of building.  Thus the time lapse endeavor documented via video 88.9% of the build.

21 February 2013

Shop: Tools and more tools!

My RV-9A friend hooked me up with a bunch of tools from his build.  I still needed to buy the major ones plus a number of other smaller ones.  My goals were to have quiet tools that minimize my need for elbow grease.

I went with these big boys:
And these smaller guys:

Here's a great page on tools for a build by Mike Bullock.

Total tool cost thus far:  $1,866.61

Update 17-Dec-15:  The Avery family retired and the business was subsequently shut down.   Thus links to their website are no longer valid.  I tried to update as many of those links as I could with alternative sources.

20 February 2013

Fun Stuff: Motivational mousepad.

I just had to have an interesting mousepad for the shop's computer.  So, here's what I came up with.

12 February 2013