06 February 2018

Maintenance: First oil change.

First oil change today, at 12.6 hours.  I used the Champion CH481110-1 oil filter for my IO-390.  It it suggested to use Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating Compound on the o-ring seal, which I dutifully did.  That tube of compound will probably outlive me.

I found it impossible to remove the stock, from-the-factory, oil filter.  I used every methodology I could devise including a strap-wrench.  It seems Lycoming has a resident gorilla functioning as a torque wrench.  I eventually conceded and bought this oil filter wrench from Anti Splat Aero.  It gave me the leverage and access I needed.  The wrench also made it easy to torque the filter to the required 16 ft-lb spec.

Per Lycoming, you need to check the oil suction screen.  It's located under the bottom right engine mount.  It's not easily accessible.  I had to disconnect the SCAT tubing in the area to access the screen.  When you cut the safety wire, you're sadly reminded that you get to attach new safety wire when you reinstall the screen.

My screen did not have any particulate matter strewn about.  Just oil.

Lycoming says to clean it with solvent.  I used avgas.

Reinstalling it is easy.  Putting new safety wire is not.  I used 0.032" wire.  Afterwards, I bought 0.020" to make it easier next time.