03 February 2015

Fuselage: Rudder and brake systems. Rudder pedals.

Not only am I out of space, the weather is not conducive to priming.  So I progress through the plans, match/final drilling, deburring, etc., collecting a large pile or prepared aluminum awaiting a turn through the priming process once the snow departs and the sun returns.

To that end, I got to cleco'ing the rudder pedals together for match drilling on 26-Dec-14.  They feel mighty stout.

After seeing this guy's pedals, I decided to paint my pedals red using Rust-Oluem Painter's Touch poppy red satin finish from Airplane Depot.  I finally got around to that on 27-Jan-15.  The parts looked nice once painted, after scuffing and acid etching (yes, the instrument panel frame in-progress is front-and-center - working ahead to make use of the time and space as best I can).

And here are the completed left side rudder pedals and one right pedal (the other needs repainting since I dropped it and ruined the finish, thankfully before any riveting).  Not sure I like the gold-on-red at the rivets, but no one will care, other than me, apparently.  Because all of the rivets are universal head or LP4-3, the squeezer/puller doesn't upset any of the paint.  Hopefully the paint will hold up because I doubt they'll ever be repainted once installed.

The right, right rudder pedal's paint was easily removed after soaking it in acetone for 6 hours.  The paint mostly sloughed off on its own during the soak.  What remained was easily removed with an acetone-moist cloth.

It's interesting to note that the prototype RV-14A, N214VA, has a different set of pedals on each side.  The left side (left) has the same pedals as included in the kit.  The right side (right) has pedals from what seems like their other models (I took these pics back when I visited Van's).

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