24 October 2013

Wings: Pitot-static. Heated AOA/pitot wiring complete.

The Dynon heated AOA/pitot wiring has been added.

Clearly, I chose to mount the electronics box on the access panel.  I tried many different permutations of mounting it on the rib and I just didn't like how it would either 1) require additional mounting plates or 2) not be fully seated on the rib.  See examples here and here and on an RV-14 here and here.  The access panel approach solves all those problems plus gives easy access to the box.

I still haven't put the bottom skins on as I'm waiting to complete the autopilot roll servo fitting and landing light wiring.  You can also see part of the AOA/pitot mount cleco'd in on that image above.

Parts needed were:

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  1. Great documentation!
    Are you pulling the Red power wire all the way to the panel? what length of wire is needed?

    Best regards / Magnus ("control" at Vans Airforce)

  2. Thanks for writing. I'm pulling the wires up to the W-1029A/B Torque Tube Support Brackets where the W-1029D spacer holds the Molex connectors for the other wires and fitting another Molex plug there. After the wings are bolted on, I'll pull the other side of those wires from the panel, attaching a mating Molex socket, and connecting the two wire runs at that joint.