07 November 2013

Wings: Bottom skins. Left outboard skin on.

Left outboard skin on.  Was very difficult to contort and reach the rivets with the bucking bar.  I ended up with two Rivets of Shame (should have just left them alone).  Only the backing plate for the heated AOA/pitot remains to be riveted.

One very disappointing outcome was two sectors (that is, skin bounded by rivet lines) oilcan pretty badly (between the 10th-11th and 11th-12th ribs, forward sides).  One pops in and out with little applied pressure.  It's probably related to the very tight fit the ribs had on those sectors.  In fact, in a few isolated places, the rib flanges don't sit flush as the rivet carried the flanges away from the skin.  Options to fix include drilling out the rivets on those ribs to achieve a better fit (which risks messing up the holes, of course), or sliding some J-stiffener in there to prevent the skin from flexing.  Turns out, I have a lot of extra J-stiffener, so that may be what I ultimately do.

Here I am riveting the outboard flap bracket with a 5.5" long straight flush rivet set.

You can see the oil canning rather prominently in the image below.

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