07 January 2014

Wings/Lighting: Landing lights. Wiring complete.

My landing lights, the AveoMaxx Hercules 30,  as received.

Ridicuously bright.  The camera doesn't do it justice:  At midnight, this single light makes it noon.

The wing kit's harness wires are appropriately gauged for the currents they'll carry with the  AveoMaxx Hercules 30.  However, I needed to buy Tefzel wire for the three additional lines beyond the stock kit provisions. 

Here's the wiring of the lights with the wire colors from the wing I'm using overlaid.

Since the AveoMaxx Hercules needs 7 wires as I'm going to use them, the 9 position connectors below worked great.  Also, one of the lights has to be defined as the "slave" (otherwise wig wag would just be a wig and no wag), so I jumpered one wire from ground to the master/slave line.  This was done on the wing wiring side, thus the lights themselves get defined as master/slave by which wing they plug in to.  

All crimps were easily made with a budget crimper then soldered for security.

Here's the right wing connectors, not fully inserted.  You can see the ground jumper since I defined the right wing as the slave side.

Part numbers for the Molex connectors are:


I'll have to pull and reposition several pins on the wing root wiring harness.  For that one needs a Molex pin extractor (formerly Cat. No. 2062447).  I found mine on eBay and it works great.  I originally tried this extractor, but it only works for the male pins, despite manufacturer claims.

Finally, I need to work on the mount.  The mounts that came with my lights don't fit.  Looks like Van's kit isn't quite the PAR36 standard.  This image was taken looking in the landing light cutout directly towards the W-00017 mount.  Update 30-Apr-17:  I completed the landing light mounts.

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