30 April 2017

Lighting: Landing light mounts fabricated.

Because I am using AveoMaxx Hercules 30 landing lights, the kit does not include provisions for my lighting selection.  Here are the old posts pertaining to my lighting choice.
First I needed to cut some pieces of 0.04" aluminum of the appropriate size, 10"x4".

I bought a cheap metal brake from Harbor Freight (always a gamble buying something from them and true-to-form, it was missing the handles, so I used screw drivers in their place).  This let me put quality bends in the right locations to match the W-00017 Mount Bracket in the outboard leading edges.

Here are the completed bent pieces with the W-00016B AeroLEDs Sun Spot LX Bracket (from Section OP-52A) in comparison.

I used a 4" hole saw to make the cutout for my Hercules lights.  Then I lined up the mounting brackets from Aveo to prepare my brackets for nutplates.

Here are the brackets with nutplate holes match drilled in and dimpled.  Also, the edges of my brackets were cut diagonally to reduce weight.

My painted brackets with the Hercules mounting mounting brackets attached.

Completed landing light mounts with lights installed.

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