09 April 2017

Wings: Pitot static. Lines and wiring routed.

Quick set of pics to show how I solved the problem of my Dynon heated pitot/AOA line and wiring routing.  The challenge was that I chose to install the pitot tube in the bay just inboard of the aileron bellcrank.  This meant that the pushrod was in the way.  If I were to do this again, I would put the pitot outboard of the bellcrank

I used two push-to-connect elbow fittings from MettleAir: 1/4" OD to 1/8" NPT, model  MTLF1/4-N01.  This allows connection into the pitot/AOA tubes with minimal additional hardware (unlike my first design back in 2013) as only an AN816-3D nipple was necessary with the elbow fittings.

The two images below are from the same vantage point, with different lighting schemes, looking inboard from the bellcrank inspection hole.

This is looking outboard from the center inspection hole.

The wiring was negotiated to accommodate mounting the controller box on the center inspection cover.

Left pitot tube installed (I have dual pitots in my plane).

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