14 June 2014

Wings: Fuel tanks redo. Capacitive plates installed. Tanks passed water test.

Because I'm redoing my fuel tanks, I'm really only posting progress reports rather than additional details.  See here for why I'm redoing my tanks.  Technique details on the original fuel tanks are found in their associated posts.

Capacitive plates installed (see here for how these were fabricated on the original tanks).  I feel like I did a much better job than on my first tanks.  Right tanks on top.  Left tanks on bottom.  Just need to tack seal a couple of places along the wires before I call this "done".

Tanks passed the water leak test, save for some leakage around the float sender's hex screws for both tanks, which is an easy fix.  I took the same approach as I did for the first tanks, just no food coloring or toilet paper.

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