16 January 2017

Fun Stuff: Progress pictures.

Normally, my blog posts chronicle the build from a specific part of the plans.  The title of each blog post delineates which kit, section and task, in that order (e.g., "Finish: Cowling. Upper cowl mounting completed.").  However, occasionally I deviate from posting plans-specific information and include such posts in the sparsely populated "Fun Stuff" category.   And that's where this post fits.  It is merely to share some images.  I wanted to post them to mark a great epoch in the build:  The thing looks like an airplane!

This is after the cowling is nearly complete, the engine and prop are mounted, the rear window is installed and the canopy is placed  (I neglected to place the spinner for the photos).  Though each of those items is still not completed, the images are quite indicative of the airframe's final form.

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