16 January 2017

Rudder fairings installed.

I like the look of rudder fairings.  I have no idea if they are appreciably helpful in an aerodynamic or any other sense.

Riveting them in wasn't a realistic option since there is very little space for any rivets to reside due to the foot print of the F-01497 Cable Guides.  So I decided to adhere them with sealant.  The first step was to mark off the contact area that each fairing would encompass.  And draw a line collinear with the axis of the cable.

Then scuff it.

Sealant was applied (not shown) then the fairings were kept in place with ridiculously strong magnets.  The fairings were aligned properly to the axis of the cables.

Following sealant curing, here is the right fairing...

And the left fairing.

Quick and easy.

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